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The Diamond Is Forever.
17, 403 via 613, Canada,

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Foreign (feat. Justin Bieber) (Remix) - Trey Songz

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June 28th- Kanye performing at the Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping, Sweden

Ottawa, Canada


The Artful Lodger: CS House by Alric Galindez Arquitectos.


Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit are always a little late to the games. That is: They’re interested in the Olympics, but only years after they end. So when I asked if they’ll be going to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, they demurred, saying something along the lines of, “Maybe someday.”

"We’re not for or against the Olympics," says Hustwit. "We wanted to see how all of this development has been integrated into the cities — or not. And to look at the idea of planning … for the legacy of these facilities."

It’s a natural extension of Hustwit’s unofficial beat; he produced and directed the documentaries Helvetica and Urbanized — about how typography and urban planning inform our daily lives.

But it was Pack who first started exploring this idea in 2008. He was intrigued by the price tag of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

"After it was over I still couldn’t wrap my head around it, and so I tried to see if there was a project there," he says.

What Happens To An Olympic City After The Olympics?

Photo Credit: Olympic City project/Courtesy of Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit

Carphenie Residence | CKND

"Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you baby"

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I hate everybody

Jay-Z drinking Cognac out of his Grammy


Waka Flocka Flame Karma

The Best song ever recorded

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All I do is eat fruit drink water and listen Migos & Young Thug

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NYCFC announced today the signing off England National Team and Chelsea FC legend Frank Lampard.

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J. Cole x Warren G x Drake